In 2014, Tırsan Solutions became the umbrella brand for the trailer solutions engineered and manufactured under three companies: Tırsan Trailer A.Ş., Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH and Talson Trailer B.V. Since 2019, Van Eck Trailers B.V strengthens the group.


"We engineer the right trailer solutions for our customers through the long-term partnerships we build with them."

We focus on creating value by means of our investment in R&D. We learn and grow with our customers, employees, and global business partners; therefore, we have state-of-the-art skills in design, engineering, manufacturing and customer service.


"It is our leadership from partnership that drives us forward together every step of the way, from conception to building trailer solutions worldwide."

We strive for growth through our investment in long-term partnerships, through our tireless research, and to our eagerness for innovation to set the standards in quality and management systems.



We are dedicated to the value we offer.

And all value is determined by the expectation of the customer. This is why customer satisfaction is the touchstone of the success at Tırsan Solutions.


We genuinely strive for continuous improvement in our performance, because “we love what we do”.

So much so that surpassing expectations is not an exception, but the norm within our organization.


Our experience provides us with the inspiration, skills and understanding needed to overcome any challenge.

Since 1977, Tırsan has been synonymous with trailer solutions: offering the right product to the right customer.


“There are no shortcuts to becoming a leader.”

We believe that the key to success is always to work hard and to never give up until the end.