Since 1977, Tırsan Solutions has grown from a manufacturer to become one of Europe’s leaders in trailer solutions.
You will find below the important milestones of Tırsan Solutions’ outstanding success.

Tırsan is founded in Istanbul, Turkey.
Attended to Ankara and İzmir Expo Fairs.
License Agreement with York Ltd. to produce axles for Heavy Commercial Vehicle Industry.
Celebrated its 10th Anniversary as the dominant Turkish market leader.
Production moved to Adapazarı , to Turkey’s biggest semi-trailer factory with 350.000 m2 total area, with an annual semi-trailer production capacity of 3.500 semi-trailers.
3,500 Trailers
Membership to German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK). License Agreement with Lamberet SAS for reefer production.
Became the exclusive distributor of DAF Trucks N.V. in Turkey.
Initiated Goch Plant Investmet in Germany
Celebrated its 20th Anniversary.
Moved headquarters to Samandıra, Istanbul. Opened the biggest aftersales facility in Turkey.
Goch Plant in Germany started its operations with 108.000 m2 total area and annual 1.500 semi-trailer production capacity.
108,000 Total Area
Second phase of Goch Plant investment completed and total covered area reached to 20.000 m2 .
20,000 Covered Area
Acquisition of Kässbohrer Tank and Silo division. Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH founded and production of the Kässbohrer tank and silos moved to production plants in Goch, Germany and Adapazarı, Turkey.
Acquisition of box semi-trailer producer Talson. Talson B.V. founded and production of Talson box-semi trailers moved to Adapazarı Plant, Turkey.
Expansion of production capacity for Kässbohrer tank and silo at Adapazarı plant.   Initiated Lean Manufacturing Philosophy in Goch Plant, Germany and Adapazarı Plant, Turkey.
Acquisition of tanker producer Hendricks Behälterbau, specialized in dangerous goods transportation. Foundation of Hendricks Fahrzeugwerke GmbH. Celebrated 30th Anniversary as a leading European semi-trailer manufacturer.
Expansion of Kässbohrer low-bed production capacity at Adapazarı Plant.
R&D Center Restructuring in Adapazarı Plant.
Production Automation investment in Adapazarı Plant. New R&D Test and Prototype Facility completed with 3.500 m2 total area.
LLC Kässbohrer is founded as a subsidiary of Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH.
Kässbohrer became the first European semi-trailer manufacturer with its own production facility in Tula, Russia. Adapazarı plant production capacity reached 20.000 units as a result of product line automation.
50,000 Total Area
Celebrated Kässbohrer’s Heritage and 120th Anniversary. Became a member of European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes, ESTA.
Inhouse KTL facility investment completed with 5.600 m2 covered area. Became a member of German Heavy Transport and Crane Association, BSK.
5,600 Covered Area
Tırsan Finance founded as registered financial services company in Turkey to provide financial services to Tırsan customers. Kässbohrer became a member of the ECTA, European Chemical Transport Association.
Kässbohrer announced it will be coming back home, Ulm. Kässbohrer won the Trailer Innovation 2017 Competition in safety category with Safety Bitumen Tanker, K STS 32 with Remote Control for Discharge. The project is a fine example of industry collaboration, between Hoyer Bitumen-Logistik GmbH and Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH, which improves European best practices for occupational safety and health, as well as discharge operation safety and efficiency in general.  
23 years after Kässbohrer has ceased operations in Germany south western state Baden Württemberg and after 124 years, on 5th of July 2017 with the opening of its new production plant, Kässbohrer returned to its hometown Ulm. Tırsansolutions made groundbreaking ceremony of its 2nd R&D center with the highest test capacity and the highest technological equipments in the trailer sector.
New low-bed factory investment with the highest capacity in Europe. All manufacturing processes completed in a single hall, the new low-bed factory will operate according to Industry 4.0 principles.
2,500 Production Capacity

Kässbohrer wins its 2nd Trailer Innovation Award in Category Chassis with Novel Octagonal Chassis Design Container Chassis. Talson comes 3rd in Trailer Innovation Awards Category Concept with Talson Secure Box.


In its 107th year Van Eck Group joins Tırsan Solutions and continues operations with new company name Van ECK Trailers B.V.


Tırsan Solutions win 4 Trailer Innovation Awards with Kässbohrer winning 3 Trailer Innovation Awards in Component, Body and Smart Categories,  with Rear Under Run Protection Device RUPD-5K1, First Ever 45 foot Coil Swap Body and K-ADAS smart control systesm for trailers. Van Eck wins Trailer Innovation Awards 3rd place in category Environment with Smart Rollerbed vehicles with NMLU.


Annivery celebrations with Talson’s 40th and Van Eck’s 110th bring all stakeholders together. Tırsan Solutions innovation advancements are celebrated again with Trailer Innovation Awards, Van Eck winning 1st Place in category Component with Container Locker System and Kaessbohrer winning 2nd Place in category Safety with Integrity Protection Device.