We engineer success for our customers.

Through comprehensive analysis of customer orders, we develop customized solutions that meet the customer’s specific transportation needs.

The case examples here illustrate how we approach customer need, develop and deliver a transportation solution in collaboration with our partners.

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    Engineering Excellence, Long Curtainsider, Project Management, Road Train

    Kässbohrer delivers 15.5 m long curtainsiders to Dubai

    Country - Product Group
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    ADR Regulation, Eurobitume, Safety, Trailer Innovation, Winner

    A fine industry collaboration wins the Trailer Innovation 2017

    Partnership - Product Group
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    aftersales, customer service, load factor, operational excellence

    Customer service beyond borders: Partnership with TIP Trailer Services

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    Heavy Haulage, Innovation, low bed, Self-steering

    Steer by Brake: Simplifying the steering operation

    Mode of Transport - Partnership
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    Curtainsider, digital trailer control, Innovation, Safety

    Digital Trailer Control to increase safety for curtainsider operators

    Mode of Transport - Partnership
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    ADR Regulation, Chemical Tanker, Electronic System, Intermodal Transportation

    Dangerous Goods Transportation with Safety Systems

    Mode of Transport