To offer the right trailer solution to the right customer, Tırsan Solutions operates under three different companies to drive our customers forward.

Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH

In 1893, when Karl Kässbohrer founded his Wagenfabrik in Ulm, he redefined what trailer engineering could achieve. Today, thanks to 120 years of staying true to his ethos, Kässbohrer products are used in more than 55 countries.

Kässbohrer’s success is built on the force that Kässbohrer engineers are driven to transcend the ordinary to achieve a level of efficiency, simplicity and reliability seldom seen. In R&D practices Kässbohrer focuses on rapid prototyping to visualize any idea to decide upon and listens to industry and its customers to over deliver. As of 2016, Kässbohrer is offering the widest product range in the European trailer market and is the fastest growing trailer producer in Europe.

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Talson Trailer B.V.

Talson Trailer B.V. is the leading Dutch expert for box type semi-trailers in Europe, focused on intermodal transport solutions.

Talson offers a wide product range of garment semi-trailers, distribution semi-trailers, and air cargo semi-trailers. Patented various technologies for easy-to-use-functionalities, respectively the Talfix®, TalDrive® and TalStep®, Talson trailers are manufactured with uniquely designed light weight, self-supporting chassis, providing more load capacity, without any compromise on durability.   Established in 1982, today, Talson is the market leader in the European air cargo sector. Enlarging its product range with new solutions and technologies, Talson launched in 2013, the newly developed Talson FNA Class ATP certified air cargo semi-trailer.

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Tırsan Treyler A.Ş.

Founded in 1977, Tırsan Treyler is the dominant market leader in the Turkish semi-trailer industry. As the customer’s first choice of trailer manufacturer, Tırsan’s success is built on its industry insight shaped by its accumulated experience in Turkish market and its responsiveness to its customers’ expectations.

Leading Turkish trailer industry by state-of-art research and development practices, Tırsan has the widest product range in the market. Through technical mastery and dedicated to customer satisfaction, every Tırsan trailer is a product of the lasting partnership with its customers. With the largest sales and aftersales service network in Turkey, Tırsan customers can rely on Tırsan products to make happen what matters to them most, whether on unpaved roads or on the highway. As the founding member of Turkish Trailer Manufacturers Association, TREDER, Tırsan Treyler is also an active member of the following associations: Heavy Commercial Vehicle Association, TAID, Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers, TAYSAD, German-Turkish Chamber of Industry and Trade, AHK, and Italian Chamber of Commerce.

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