Incorporation of Van Eck Trailers B.V.

PRESS RELEASE 14/04/2019

Founded in 1912, Van Eck Group produces highest quality, innovative and sustainable specialty trailers for the industry. As of 01.04.2019 Van Eck will continue all of its operations as Van Eck Trailers B.V., owned 100% by Talson Trailers B.V based in Venlo. Van Eck Trailers B.V will maintain its production, sales and after-sales operations in Beeds.

Talson Trailers and Van Eck Trailers have both been at the forefront of innovation developing rollerbed trailers for air cargo and double deck solutions concurrently during the 1980’s as R&D operations still remain the driving forces for both. Talson and Van Eck are presenting the customer with highest quality and sustainable solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Integration of Talson’s powerful resources, empowering quality, customer-centric innovation and Van Eck’s time honored “Eckcellence” will benefit Netherlands economy, its employees, customers and suppliers in the special trailers industry in reaching the goal of EU sustainability targets.