Kässbohrer Successfully Attended Solutrans Fair

PRESS RELEASE 02/12/2019

Operating from its new France headquarters in Lyon, Kässbohrer proudly attended in Solutrans fair, taking place between 19-23 November, in Lyon, France. During the fair, Kässbohrer exhibited a selection of its wide product range including France specific vehicles and proudly introduced two launch vehicles to the industry for the first time.

During the fair, customers, business partners and press members had the chance to learn more from newly assigned Country Manager Sylvain Berhault and dedicated sales team and examine Kässbohrer vehicles.

Kässbohrer Showcased Two Launch Vehicles at Solutrans Fair

Efficient Food Transportation is offered by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer K.STL P has been developed for efficiency in operations through its 32.000 lt tank capacity with 3 compartments for the transportation of different foods and detachable parts that enable easy cleaning and maintenance.

K.STL P has designed to the smallest detail for hygienic usage with its certified by the ATP in the IN-Class 1,4301 stainless steel tank. Moreover, K.STL P offers efficient food transport operations through its 2R quality inner surface, smoothed and polished welding seams and CIP cleaning lines.

Kässbohrer’s new food tanker is designed for 2.0 Bars operation pressure and is protected from negative pressure harms with 0,017 vacuum valve.

Biggest Silo Container Volume is offered by Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer now meets the long-standing high-quality silo container demand with its silo container K.CON S 40.

A Selection of Europe’s Widest Product Range is exhibited during the Solutrans Fair

During the fair, Kässbohrer exhibited a selection of its wide product range including low fuel consuming Reefer K.SRI C, finest example of heavy-duty engineering Platform K.SPA M, the optimum solution for high and bulk loads Low-Loader K.SLL 2, perfect fit for France 3-axle Tipper K.SKS B and strongest Curtainsider equipped with 35 mm hardwood floor with omega profiles K.SCH.