Van Eck welcomed its customers at IAA Transportation 2022

PRESS RELEASE 03/10/2022

Celebrating its 110th Anniversary, the leading innovative transport solutions provider Van Eck participated in the IAA Transportation 2022 fair and received its 1st place prize for Trailer Innovation Awards 2023 in the category ‘Component’ with its in-house developed Container Locker System.

During the fair, Van Eck presented its latest innovations, its e-dolly, its FRC certified air cargo vehicle within the Eckspress series as well as the state of the art Van Eck Twindeck with movable floor.

The winner of Trailer Innovation 2023 in the category ‘Component’

Van Eck proudly won 1st place in the Trailer Innovation Awards 2023 in the category ‘Component’ with its in-house developed Container Locker System for the safe and secure transportation of roll containers, most efficiently and sustainably transported with Van Eck’s signature Twindeck vehicles, the innovation award winner in 2005.

Van Eck designed, tested, and finalized a most practical, flexible low-cost device, the Container Locker System that addresses partial loading, load security problems, and their subsequent cost, time, and operational health and safety results.

Previously on the prestigious Trailer Innovation Awards, Van Eck was 3rd in 2005 with its signature Twindeck Trailer, 2nd in 2011 in the ‘Body’ category with its Eckspressive Air Cargo Trailer, and 3rd in 2021 in the ‘Environment’ category with its Smart Rollerbed Vehicles with NMLU (New Modular Loading Unit).

Van Eck showcased its e-dolly, developed with the European Commission-backed Aeroflex Project

In line with its vision to reinvent modern road transport for a more sustainable future, Van Eck Trailers stands out with its leading role and collaborations in the EU projects. With its extensive experience and expert team, Van Eck has become a solid partner of the European Commission-backed Aeroflex Project contributing to the development of the Aerodynamics of LHVs as well as the development of the e-dolly.

During the IAA Transportation 2022, Van Eck had the proud opportunity to exhibit its e-dolly.

The reliable partner of Air Cargo and Airline companies

At its Hall 27 E32 stand, Van Eck also exhibited its FRC Certified air cargo vehicle within its Eckspess series. Currently, the Eckspress series consists of plywood box, FNA and FRC certified box, curtainsider and platform vehicles with driving unit application.

The FRC certified air cargo vehicle attracted a great deal of attention with its in-house produced innovative Eckpress Rollerbed System and superior chassis construction.

The only trailer manufacturer to design and produce its own rollerbeds with reliability and lifespan in mind and is in full compliance with Lufthansa Technical Specifications, Van Eck’s Eckspress Rollerbed System is so strong that it is used to load and unload very valuable aero engines and EUV and DUV systems, as widely known ASML systems, as well.

Van Eck’s chassis is designed to meet and overcome the demanding air cargo pallet loading and unloading operations to make sure your vehicle is always ready for the next call. The gooseneck area, reinforced with steel plate can absorb and distribute the concentrated load over the floor. Furthermore, with up to 3.055 mm high rear entrance, Eckpress Series provides maximum loading capacity and can accommodate 3 m high main deck air cargo pallets.

To maximize the load factor, Van Eck also offers rollerbed covers to be able to transport euro-pallets, as well as double stock options in its FRC and FNA certified box applications.

The originator of the now industry standard Twindeck trailers

In December 1995, van Opijnen from Deventer asked Van Eck to build a never made trailer with an extreme height of 3485mm. The resulting trailer for Ten Kate Flowers to carry palm trees upright is the first milestone in Van Eck’s now industry standard Twindeck Trailers. Van Eck introduced the very first Twindeck that offers %60 more volume in 2002.

Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck Twindecks is the most efficient way of cargo transport for you and the environment. With every operation, the Twindeck vehicles enable its customers to carry 54 pallets and thus decrease CO2 emissions by 40% for the environment.

At the IAA Transportation 2022 fair, Van Eck Twindeck vehicle with a moveable floor was presented demonstrating the automatic as well as manual operations of the movable floor, enabling easy and efficient loading of 56 trolleys or 34 euro-pallets on the upper floor, and 39 trolleys or 21 euro-pallets on the bottom floor, reaching 60% more loading capacity than a standard trailer.

You can calculate your own TCO and CO2 savings with easy online tool

Van Eck uses expert tools to calculate TCO advantages with exact operations data from its customers to design and manufacture the Twindecks that best fit their needs. These calculations happen when a customer makes a formal inquiry for Twindecks. However, to raise awareness on how Twindeck benefits the savings and the environment Eckstremely, Van Eck has launched a basic version of the expert tool on its website for everyone to do a preliminary calculation. The basic TCO and CO2 calculator has been developed with the leading strategy and marketing consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners.

With the newly established TCO and CO2 calculator available on website, it is possible to calculate the total vehicle costs and the reduction of CO2 emissions of Van Eck Eckstreme Twindecks easily.

According to the TCO calculator, the twindeck trailer pays for itself in 1 year and also saves 55.935 kg of CO2 equivalent to 2.578 trees. While total savings continue to rise exponentially, 1 twindeck alone over 5 years with an annual average mileage of 150,000 km with the savings going up to 445.190 € with 279.675 kg of CO2 and 12.888 trees.

<Eck Solar power Roof to improve fuel efficiency

Van Eck Trailers developed <Eck Solar power Roof together IM Efficiency to improve the fuel efficiency of the fleets. <Eck Solar power Roof is a photovoltaic energy system for trucks and trailers to reduce fuel consumption by over 2.000 liters of fuel annually.

<Eck Solar power Roof is a plug & play kit, consisting of (a) flexible solar modules, (b) an energy management system, and (c) a lithium battery. The unique photovoltaic panels are fully integrated into the roof so no extra height consequences when panels are mounted.

As an add-on kit, the technology can be installed on brand new vehicles or can be retrofitted to older vehicles to enable the fleet to leverage the power of the sun while driving and create an eco-friendlier, cost-effective, and reliable logistics process.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and a real-time cloud connection, <Eck Solar power Roof works fully autonomously without the need for driver input. Furthermore, IM Efficiency’s patented technology enables its widespread compatibility with all major European truck brands.

<Eck Solar power Roof several applications are as the following:

  • While driving electricity is supplied by the SolarOnTop instead of generated by the alternator.
  • While parked electricity can be consumed from the SolarOnTop, instead of idling the engine to generate electricity.
  • Trailer electrical appliances (e.g. tail lifts and forklifts) can be charged by the SolarOnTop, improving the reliability of the complete vehicle.
  • By using the IM Efficiency cloud dashboard, fleet operators can track & trace real-time and monitor solar energy power generation.

The typical break-even period is between 2,5 and 4 years. With a lifetime of over 15 years, the SolarOnTop is an affordable & sustainable solution for every fleet operator.

About the Product Range of Van Eck Trailers

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck offers precise and high-quality vehicles by listening to its customers with sustainability as the driving force. Today, Van Eck’s product range consists of 5 categories, respectively, Eckstreme, Eco Co2mbi, Eckcellent, Eckspress, and Eckspert Series.

Eckstreme: Firstly introduced in 2003, Van Eck Twin Deck Trailers enables 40% CO2 emissions decrease by providing 60% more loading capacity. With Twindeck trailer, Van Eck acquired the Top 3 in Trailer Innovation 2005 Awards.

Eco Co2mbi: Producing its first Long Heavy Vehicle (LHV) in 2004, Van Eck’s Ecko Co2mbi series enables sustainable transport by decreasing CO2 emissions by 40%. Within Ecko Co2mbi Series, Van Eck can build any LHV Combination, including LHV’s with twindeck.

Eckspress: Eckspress Series Aircargo Vehicles is the reliable solution for air cargo and airline companies by offering Roller Conveyor System that enables safe and reliable road freight services and has double deck system to increase load factor.

Eckcellent: Eckcellent Series Distribution Vehicles offers tailor-made transport solutions for your day and

night operations. Eckcellent Series are built with reinforced upper structure for a long product life cycle.

Eckspert: The introduction of airport equipment under the Eckspert series was made in 2003. With Van Eck’s Eckspert series, Van Eck designs and manufactures very special vehicles that completely address the very special transport challenge of its customers.