Kässbohrer attends Solutrans 2023

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer will participate in the Solutrans fair that will take place from 20th to 25h of November in Lyon, France.

Kässbohrer is glad to announce that the competent Kässbohrer team of France, Spain and Italy will be ready to meet its stakeholders, at Hall 4 Stand G122, to share its latest company developments including advancement in transport sustainability with longer heavier vehicles, its unrivaled intermodal product range as well as electrification along side an exhibition of Kässbohrer’s efficient, innovative an highest quality vehicles.

With ‘Enginuity’, the right balance of engineering excellence and customer centric ingenuity, Kässbohrer meets the unmet needs of all transport sectors including general cargo, cold chain, construction vehicles with tippers and platforms, among the most preferred complete tank and silo range for liquids and bulk goods, complete range of low beds for heavy and abnormal goods under 100 tons as well as unrivalled intermodal product range with award winning container chassis and swap bodies.

In its 4th attendance at Solutrans, Kässbohrer will exhibit finest examples from its complete range , SSL 38 Most efficient non-tipping silo with maximum payload, K.SLA HS3  extendable lowbed with hydraulic gooseneck ramp, K.SCH Hardwood floor Curtainsider, K.SPS XS Light Platform Series, efficiently meeting the needs of its customers in France, Spain and Italy. 

K.SSL38, Most efficient non-tipping silo with maximum payload

Kässbohrer’s Solutrans exhibition vehicle, non-tipping silo trailer K.SSL 38  is making a difference with its lightweight design, stability under various road conditions, fast and efficient discharge, and high safety functions. With refined design and wheelbase, the K.SSL 38 provides high maneuver-ability even under challenging road conditions.

K.SLA HS, for the most efficient and flexible operation

Kässbohrer’s exhibition vehicle, extendable low bed with hydraulic gooseneck access ramp K.SLA HS 3 assures efficiency and flexibility for the versatile transportation needs in road construction industry. With its hydraulic gooseneck access ramp it can transport 2 working machines at one operation. While hydraulic gooseneck ramp ensures efficient operation, 10 ton lashing rings, container locks, vertical and lateral pillar pockets enables easy and safe load securing.

K.SCH, The best fit for your fleet Hardwood Curtainsider

These extremely robust semi-trailers with KTL-coated chassis are ideal for both road and inter-modal transportation. K.SCH with its strong hardwood floor suitable for safe transportation of a wide range of cargo and preferred by customers.. All Kässbohrer Curtainsiders are certified in accordance with Code XL standards and for option DC 9.5 + Beverage Certificate all transportation under stay securely. Kässbohrer developed the patented multi-point K-FIX Load Securing System, to offer you the full control over your payload.

K.SPS XS Light Platform Series

Kässbohrer platform semi-trailer K.SPS XS is engineered no offer the highest payload capacity with minimum tare-weight of 5.800kg, without compromising performance thanks to its KTL coated robust chassis.

With coupling height starting from 980 mm to 1.300 mm, K. SPS XS offers operational flexibility. With ingenious design accommodating precisely placed, Eumos certified pillar pockets, lashing rings, as well as container locks, Code XL certified K.SPS XS platform safely accommodates the transport wide variety of loads from construction materials to general cargo and container trans-portation.

Most competitive Financing By Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer offers financial solutions in cooperation with leading leasing companies to meet the needs of its customers. In France and Spain K-Finance services are run in cooperation with  BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions presenting its customers with the most competitive solutions in their respective markets. Kässbohrer’s K-Finance operations in Italy are carried out in cooperation with UniCredit Leasing presenting attractive market financial solutions to its customers.

Competent After-sales and Ever More Efficient Spare Parts Services

Kässbohrer takes care of its customer’s needs with its expert after-sales network as well as spare parts operations. With its competent after-sales network to 697 points, serving all product ranges as well as  spare parts operations conveniently carried out from Lyon, Ulm Germany as well as newly expanded spare parts depot in Goch, Kaessbohrer presents 24-hour dispatch service and upgraded digital infrastructure to guarantee 93% of parts availability

About Kässbohrer France

Kässbohrer France SAS is founded in 2015 in Lyon coordinating the spare parts operations through its France depot.  Meeting the needs of all sectors of logistics and offering broad after-sales services, competent team of Kässbohrer France continue to offer the efficient robust and innovative vehicles and after-sales services to its customers with increasing success. 

Kässbohrer sales operations supported by 5 committed sales points and 56 competent services with spare parts operations supported primarily by Ulm and Goch in Germany.

Kässbohrer in collaboration with BNP Paris Bas offers the most competitive financing rates in all its range of vehicles.

Kindly find out more through: https://kaessbohrer.com/fr https://kaessbohrer.com/fr/find-us?id=268

About Kässbohrer Ibérica

Kässbohrer Ibérica S.L.U is founded in 2020 in Barcelona and Jordi Llecha is helming the company as country manager since 2020. Meeting the needs of all sectors of logistics and offering broad after-sales services competent team of Kässbohrer Iberia continue to offer the efficient robust and innovative vehicles and after-sales services to its customers with increasing success.

Kässbohrer takes care of its customers operating in Spain with 15 competent aftersales points along with 24 hour dispatch guarantee spare parts operations supported by Lyon, Ulm and Goch.

Kässbohrer in collaboration with BNP Paris Bas offers the most competitive financing rates interest rates up to 5 years of financing in all its range of vehicles.

Kindly find out more through: https://kaessbohrer.com/es


About Kässbohrer Italia

Kässbohrer Italia, Kässbohrer Italy Srl operating in Verona since 2018  is helmed by Marco Contoli since 2021. Along side the trust of Italy’s biggest fleets operating in general cargo and intermodal, Kässbohrer Italia’s dedicated team is meeting the needs of its customers in Italy and successfully increases their introduction to Kässbohrer’s robust efficient and innovative vehicles serving all needs of transport business.

Kässbohrer offers after-sales services in Italy with 32 After sales points. With 93% spare parts availability, the spare parts operations are run mainly from Adapazarı, supplemented by Ulm and Goch in Germany.

Kindly find out more through: https://kaessbohrer.com/it


Van Eck Trailers has taken its place at Transport Logistic 2023

The leading innovative transport solutions provider Van Eck Trailers is participating at Transport Logistic fair, taking place in Münih, Germany between May 9 and 12, 2023.

At Transport Logistic 2023, Van Eck customers and stakeholders will have the chance to explore the state-of-the-art transport solutions in conversation with the expert Van Eck team in its Hall A6 – Stand 407. Furthermore, Van Eck Trailers will be exhibiting in the outside area a twindeck vehicle, located Atrium Area between Hall A4-A5.

The expert trailer manufacturer from the Netherlands, Van Eck Trailers’s passion for high-quality and innovation guides it constantly to reinvent modern road transport with sustainability in mind.

One of the first developers of twindeck trailers, Van Eck presents Eckstreme Series, which is the benchmark for the industry. Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck twindecks are the most efficient way of cargo transport for you and the environment.

#teamvaneck is waiting for you to discover it together!

To make an appointment during the fair, please fill out our contact form: Book an Appointment


Annivery celebrations with Talson’s 40th and Van Eck’s 110th bring all stakeholders together. Tırsan Solutions innovation advancements are celebrated again with Trailer Innovation Awards, Van Eck winning 1st Place in category Component with Container Locker System and Kaessbohrer winning 2nd Place in category Safety with Integrity Protection Device.


Tırsan Solutions win 4 Trailer Innovation Awards with Kässbohrer winning 3 Trailer Innovation Awards in Component, Body and Smart Categories,  with Rear Under Run Protection Device RUPD-5K1, First Ever 45 foot Coil Swap Body and K-ADAS smart control systesm for trailers. Van Eck wins Trailer Innovation Awards 3rd place in category Environment with Smart Rollerbed vehicles with NMLU.


Kässbohrer wins its 2nd Trailer Innovation Award in Category Chassis with Novel Octagonal Chassis Design Container Chassis. Talson comes 3rd in Trailer Innovation Awards Category Concept with Talson Secure Box.

Van Eck Attends The Digital Fair

The household name in innovative transport solutions Van Eck attends the digital fair at nfz-

From 24th of September to 8th of October, Van Eck shares the latest developments in its products and is showcasing the Eckstreme Twin Deck vehicle.

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck is among the first to have developed twin deck trailers in 2003 and is now the industry standard for the twin deck. Van Eck’s Eckstreme Twin Deck enables to save on every kilometer by positioning 2 separate 1.80 cm high pallets at the same time, decreasing
CO2 emissions by 40%, enabling cost reduction by 30% by carrying the load of 3 trailers in 2 twin decks and minimizes total cost of ownership.

Moreover, it is also possible to learn more about Van Eck’s Trailer Innovation 2021 Award category “Environment” nominee Smart Rollerbed Vehicles with NMLU (New Modular Loading Unit) that is developed with Van Eck team included group effort supported by Horizon 2020 project 2.0.

Smart Rollerbed Vehicles with NMLU is a new element between the trailer and pallet and developed to address the problems of conventional loading operations such as time spent in loading and unloading, hazards for health and safety during loading and unloading operations, improper load securing risks, and excessive use of packaging material.

Last but not least, as the proud partner of Aeroflex project, Van Eck has organized a special webinar. On 8th of October at 15.00 GMT+2 (European Summer Time), AEROFLEX Project Coordinator Ben Kraaijenhagen and Van Eck’s Head of Research and Development Ton Bertens will present the vision of AEROFLEX and how AEROFLEX will offer a comprehensive
framework for energy-efficient, safe, comfortable, configurable and cost-effective complete vehicles.

You may visit Van Eck stand through nfz-messe.expo-ip.com/stand/vaneck and

Van Eck presented its sustainable product range at transport logistic 2021

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck participated in transport logistic 2021 with its online company session named “Discover Van Eck Product Range to meet your CO2 emission targets”.

During the session followed by participants from 25 countries, Van Eck Head of R&D Mr. Ton Bertens in coversation with Mr. Jörg Montag, presented Van Eck product range such as LHV and Twindeck vehicles to enable transport and logistics companies to meet their CO2 targets starting today, as well as presented Van Eck’s contribution to the Aeroflex Project.

Last but not least, Van Eck proudly launched TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and CO2 saving calculation tool during the presentation, developed with the globally active management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners.

Van Eck offers the most efficient vehicles to meet your CO2 targets immediately

During the presentation, Mr. Ton Bertens shared detailed information about Van Eck vehicles’ contribution to CO2 reduction targets, advanced features of Eckstreme Twindeck and Longer Heavier vehicles and Van Eck’s contribution to the European-backed Aeroflex project in addition to the launch of brand-new TCO and CO2 saving calculation tool.

“Our vehicles are built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail and are environmentally-friendly and efficient to support you while achieving your CO2 targets. These technologies are available right now and especially with Twindeck particular transport companies have been using them successfully for years. With our new TCO and CO2 savings calculator we would like to demonstrate to the general public how Twindeck saves on costs as well as carbon emissions.

Van Eck Twindeck vehicles are setting standards in the industry by allowing two decks with 1.830 mm loading height each thus achieving a 60 percent higher loading capacity. The very first USP is 1.830 mm in order to better explain 60% loading capacity, which reduces lateral air resistance and thus contributes to lower fuel consumption. This factor in combination with the 60 percent higher loading capacity, flows into the balance of the 40 percent lower CO2 emissions. On the other hand, in longer and heavier vehicle segment we focus on maximizing the load factor while providing smart loading and unloading systems to eliminate operational lags and inefficiencies.
As the specialist for transport solutions with low TCO, we will continue to do our part to meet the sector’s CO2 targets.” stated Mr. Bertens.

You can calcute your own TCO and Co2 savings with easy online tool

Van Eck uses expert tools to calculate TCO advantages with exact operations data from its customers to design and manufacture the Twindecks that best fit their needs. These calculations happen when a customer makes a formal inquirty for Twindecks. However, to raise awareness on how Twindeck benefits the savings and the environment Eckstremely, Van Eck has launched a basic verison of the expert tool on its website for everyone to do a preliminary calculation. The basic TCO and CO2 calculator has been developed with the leading strategy and marketing consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners.

With the newly established TCO and CO2 calculator available on vanecktrailers.com website, it is possible to calculate the total vehicle costs and the reduction of CO2 emissions of Van Eck Eckstreme Twindecks easily.

When it comes to maximum loading volume for a 13.6 m trailer, the double-deck trailer cannot be beaten. Thanks to the independent wheel suspension, the special design enables an extremely low floor, a correspondingly high loading space, a second loading floor and additional space between the wheels. Ton Bertens, Head of R&D at Van Eck relies on these system advantages: “By improving the loading efficiency and other innovations, the load factor of a trailer can be increased by up to 60 percent on two levels than a standard trailer with space for 33 pallets, resulting in a linear reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Our twindeck trailer is a good example of our approach: it can hold up to 54 euro pallets, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Often double-deckers are also used to transport roll containers. Depending on the design, which can be different for different shippers, there is space for up to 89 roll cages in a double-decker. These system advantages come into play with light, non-stackable loads such as packages.

The rule of thumb, according to which two double-decker tractor-trailer combinations replace three tractor-trailer combinations with a standard box trailer, shows the great savings potential: There is no need for a driver and a tractor unit, the required traffic area is a third less, and the CO2 emissions are reduced by around 40 percent.

Initial investment differences are set off by Twindeck’s volume advantages and the savings accumulate on how trailers are used. In order to facilitate the complex calculation of the investment in a double decker compared to a standard box trailer, Van Eck had the Van Eck TCO and CO2 savings calculator developed with the globally active management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners, the leading company in strategy and marketing consultancy. The Van Eck TCO and CO2 saving calculator takes into account all the costs of the capital goods as part of a business total cost calculation.

The Van Eck TCO and CO2 saving calculator takes several parameters such as purchase price of the trailer, interest rate, term in years, fuel price, driver wages (per 100,000 km) and the number of Van Eck twindecks into account when comparing a conventional box trailer and a Van Eck twindeck trailer.

The calculator uses this framework data to calculate the savings against the additional costs. As a result, the higher acquisition costs and the higher maintenance costs of the Eckstreme twindeck are offset by numerous savings potentials including a third fewer tractor units (two instead of three) to buy and maintain, a third fewer drivers (two instead of three), around a third less fuel consumption, lower toll costs, lower insurance costs, lower tire costs and less depreciation.

The concept can demonstrate its strengths above all in full load transport and shuttle transport, and when delivering to supermarkets, the number of stations per tour can be increased significantly. If the framework conditions are right, the investment in a Eckstreme twindeck trailer can pay for itself in just one year. According to calculations by Simon-Kucher &Partners, the twindeck trailer pays for itself in 1 year and also saves 55.935 kg of CO2 equivalent of 2.578 trees. While total savings continue to rise exponentially, 1 twindeck alone over 5 years with an annual average mileage of 150,000 km with the savings goes up to 344.274 € with 229.675 kg of CO2 and 12.888 trees.

To experience the advantages of Van Eck Twindecks, you may visit here: https://www.vanecktrailers.com/en/tco-calculator/.

Celebrating 110 years of Van Eck Trailers with Open Days

Since 1912 the leading innovative transport solutions provider Van Eck is a reliable partner of the logistics industry with sustainable and lowest TCO transport solutions. The originator of, the now industry-standard Twindeck trailers, Van Eck has the longest history of developing LHV trailers and is the only manufacturer to produce their own roller bed systems that differentiate their Air-Cargo vehicles.

Celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2022, Van Eck Trailers continues to be passionate about delivering innovative and sustainable logistics solutions with a strong customer-oriented approach. Each Van Eck trailer is designed and built with uncompromising quality with the aim of getting an increased return for Van Eck’s customers. As a result, Van Eck maximizes the load factor while providing smart loading and unloading systems to eliminate operational lags and inefficiencies.

Today, Van Eck Trailers stands out with its sustainable solutions reinventing modern road transport as well as its leading role and collaborations in the EU projects.

Van Eck proudly celebrated its 110th year anniversary with Van Eck Open days held on the 10th and 11th of June in its factory in Beesd. Van Eck customers and stakeholders had the chance to inspect production and state-of-the-art vehicle exhibition in conversation with the Van Eck expert team.

Van Eck Open Days vehicle exhibition showcased, Aircargo Curtainsider featuring Van Eck’s own production higher ease and safety roller conveyor systems; the example of Van Eck’s expertise and longest experience in LHV, a combination of standard trailer, Dolly, and Twindeck vehicles, Van Eck’s load factor maximization example of Air Cargo Platform trailer with drive-assisted landing unit, FNA certified air cargo box vehicle with side doors and Van Eck’s signature Twindeck vehicle with the movable floor for loading efficiency.

Our legacy is innovation

In 1912, Johannes van Eck started a bodywork company at Kortenhoevenseweg in Lexmond. With a constant search for innovation, Van Eck started its first Reefer Box production in 1962. Since the family business was set up, Van Eck’s whole organization has focussed on developing innovative vehicles which give its customer a head start in their logistics services.

Van Eck introduced its first airfreight trailers with five and seven main-deck-pallet-loading capacity in 1983. And with the replacement needs of a fire station, Van Eck moved to its current location from Lexmond to Beesd in 1986, where Van Eck held its 110th year anniversary. Van Eck Trailers become a reliable partner and a household name in the air cargo transportation sector as the only manufacturer to produce its own rollerbeds that are fully compliant with the Lufthansa Technical Specifications.

Van Eck’s Eckspress series for air cargo transportation are FRC and FNA certified and is the perfect choice for temperature-sensitive air-cargo transportation with its insulated upper body that has been produced with the wet-in-wet method.

The originator of today’s industry-standard Twindeck, Exhibited at Open Days

In December 1995, van Opijnen from Deventer asked Van Eck to build a never before made trailer with an extreme height of 3485mm. The resulting trailer for Ten Kate Flowers to carry palm trees upright is the first milestone in Van Eck’s now industry-standard Twindeck Trailers. Van Eck introduced the very first Twindeck that offers %60 more volume in 2002.

Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck Twindecks is the most efficient way of cargo transport for you and the environment. With every operation, the Twindeck vehicles enable its customers to carry 54 pallets and thus decrease CO2 emissions by 40% for the environment.

At the Open Days exhibition Van Eck Twidenck vehicle with a moveable floor was presented demonstrating the automatic as well as manual operations of the movable floor, enabling easy and efficient loading of 56 trolleys on the upper floor, and 39 trolleys on the bottom floor, reaching 60% more loading capacity than a standard trailer.

Exhibition Vehicles Demonstrate Product range full of innovation

Van Eck’s product range currently includes Eckstreme, Eco Co2mbi, Eckcellent, Eckspress, and Eckspert Series.

Supporting green logistics, Van Eck Twindeck within the Eckstreme series is a ready-made solution for meeting the challenging CO2 targets now. A Twindeck trailer saves 55.935 kg of CO2 equivalent to 2.578 trees as a result of its unique construction, which offers 60% more loading capacity. Van Eck is the only manufacturer that can offer a Twindeck vehicle with a moveable floor, also exhibited on the Open Days, enabling you to load directly to the 2nd deck of the Twindeck, presenting ease of use and more loading scheme opportunities.

Thanks to the independent wheel suspension, the special design enables an extremely low floor and a second loading floor, corresponding to a high loading space of up to 1.830 mm on each floor, and additional space between the wheels. Van Eck Twindeck vehicles can hold up to 54 euro pallets, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. When it comes to loading factor optimization and CO2 reduction, Van Eck Twindeck cannot be beaten by any regular trailer in the market.

Producing its first Long Heavy Vehicle (LHV) in 2004, Van Eck’s Ecko Co2mbi series enables sustainable transport by decreasing CO2 emissions by 40 percent. Within Ecko Co2mbi Series, Van Eck can build any LHV Combination, including LHVs with twin decks. The Open Days exhibition customer vehicle demonstrated the combination of a standard trailer with Dolly and a Twindeck.

Eckspress Series Aircargo Vehicles is the company’s reliable solution for airfreight and airline companies by offering an in-house developed and manufactured Roller Conveyor System that enables safe and reliable road freight services and has a double-deck system to increase load factor. In Open Days, Van Eck exhibited Aircargo Curtainsider featuring Van Eck’s own production higher ease and safe roller conveyor systems; Van Eck’s load factor maximization example of air cargo platform trailer with drive-assisted loading unit, FNA certified air cargo box vehicle with side doors customized upon customers request.

Eckcellent Series Distribution Vehicles offers tailor-made transport solutions for both day and night operations. Eckcellent Series are built with a reinforced upper structure for product longevity.

In Eckspert series Van Eck designs and manufactures very special vehicles that completely address the very special transport challenge of its customers.

An Expert in Load-Optimized Trailer Design

In alignment with the company vision, Van Eck Trailers not only manufactures the most sustainable trailer solutions but at the same time participates in EU Research Projects to enable the transport industry to meet its sustainability goals.

A fine example of one of these projects is Transformers, focusing on “Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency.1” As a member of the international consortium in the EU Research Project, Transformers, Van Eck designed a load-optimized trailer that features an electric roof height adjuster, a load volume sensor, and a double floor system. If the maximum permissible mass of the trailer is reached without its volume being fully utilized, the roof can be lowered to reduce the aerodynamic drag.

Furthermore, Van Eck Trailers has been a member of Clusters 2.02, a Horizon 2020 project leveraging the potential of European Logistics Clusters for a sustainable, efficient, and fully integrated transport system. Clusters 2.0 relies on an Open Network of Logistics Clusters operating in the frame of Ten-T and supporting local, regional, and European development while keeping neutral the local impacts such as congestion, noise, land use, and local pollution levels. As a member of the Clusters 2.0, Van Eck Trailers has been developing NMLU, the New Modular Load Unit which has won the Trailer Innovation Award 2021, in the environment category.

Van Eck’s Accumulated Knowledge in Action for Longer and Heavier Vehicles

Next to its expertise in load factor optimization, Van Eck makes a difference with its extensive experience in LHV as well.

Van Eck approaches each LHV as a unique challenge depending on the country-specific regulations and the cargo and route and its LHV vehicles have been on the roads of the Netherlands since 2004. With its extensive experience and expert team, Van Eck has become a solid partner of the Aeroflex Project, with the goal to develop and demonstrate new technologies, concepts, and architectures for complete vehicles with optimized aerodynamics, powertrains, and safety systems as well as flexible and adaptable loading units with advanced interconnectedness.

Within the Aeroflex project, Van Eck contributed to the development of the Aerodynamics of LHVs as well as the development of the e-dolly.

Van Eck contributed to the European Commission-backed Transformers project and helped further the development of the advanced aerodynamic structures of the LHV that is optimized for the best aerodynamic performance. These different new aerodynamic designs showed great success in the wind tunnel tests and the project was concluded in 2021.

Van Eck also contributed to the EMS-2 vehicle within the European Commission-backed AEROFLEX project. For this design, an e-Dolly was needed to recuperate the energy and feed it back to the vehicle. EMS-2 prototype is subjected to an extensive test plan in line with green logistics solutions development.

Van Eck continues to reinvent modern transport with its Twindeck trailers meeting your carbon emission targets today as well as the most experienced LHV solutions each customized to the specific regulation and your business operations and an active and leading role in EU research projects.