Kässbohrer keeps the course in 2021 to take its stakeholders to the next level for the next 125 years

PRESS RELEASE 05/01/2022

During the exiting and busy 2021 after the COVID 19 pandemic, Kässbohrer repeated its market success, continued its innovations with all stakeholders to meet all challenges towards the next 125 years, continued to grow with new country managers, after sales and spare parts operations became more efficient and covered a larger part of Europe and new K-Finance leasing partnerships were established.

“In 2021, we proudly continued our market success”

Even though 2021 was a busy year with its unique pandemic-related challenges, we proudly repeated our market success with Europe’s widest product range designed and manufactured for operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability addressing unique needs of our customers.

Kässbohrer is top 3 in Netherlands in all groups of Europe’s widest product range and in Germany and Poland on the top list with its tanker and silo vehicles.

‘’Continuous Innovation with all stake-holders, towards the next sustainable125 years’’

As we welcome the new European climate law, committed to at least 55% carbon emission reduction, an ambitious transition period awaits our industry pending further legislation. In this time of transforming the transport business, Kässbohrer is equally competent on all technologies and vehicle developments to work with its customers for their unique need for transition.

Manufacturing the widest product range in Europe, Kässbohrer has the capability to address multiple carbon emission reducing solutions at the same time. Working closely with its customers, stakeholders, associations and universities in a wide ecosystem of innovation, Kässbohrer is developing award winning vehicles for multi-modal transport, the next generation of longer vehicles for more load per, as well as investing further in smart technologies for future digital integration, developing award winning K-ADAS systems further.

İffet Türken further elaborates on the importance of a wide eco-system of innovation and collaboration with all stakeholders to reach safer more efficient and sustainable vehicles for the future: ‘’In 2021 we have concluded European Union backed Aeroflex project which has been ongoing since 2017. We actively worked with other OEM’s and manufacturer’s to create the future of road transport with efficiency, safety and sustainability in mind but especially worked to finalize the book of recommendations for future implications collaborating with all industry stakeholders and representatives both at European and regional level with the visitors. As the challenge we face is urgent, we all need to work together.’’

Towards the Next 125 Years with new Country Managers and Extending After Sales and Spare Parts Services

In order to augment customer satisfaction by closer proximity to the sales network, Kässbohrer continues to extend its sales and after sales teams worldwide.

In 2021, Marco Contoli is appointed as Italy Country Manager in Kässbohrer İtalia and Piotr Kowalski as After Sales Manager at Kässbohrer Polska. Further developing the strong country headquarters, alongside Jakub Dolaniecki, Poland Country Manager and Jordi Llecha appointed as Spain Country manager appointed in 2020.

 “Kässbohrer is also constantly expanding after-sales service network, by almost 100% over the last 4 years in starting with Germany, Poland, Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain reaching 653 locations.

‘’Our service network is carefully chosen to have the necessary competencies to address all the needs of our customers operating with the widest product range in Europe; 95% of our service network also is competent to serve body work of our tank silos tippers box and refers along with advanced maintenance of our lowbed range. Complementing our every growing competent service network, our spare parts operations operate out of 5 locations with 90% availability and 24-hour dispatch service. ’explained Ms. Türken.

“Addition to these services, we also established partnerships with leading leasing companies. Our K-Finance program provides competitive financing options to our customers. In 2021, we established new partnership with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions in Spain and France and EFL in Poland.

Kässbohrer will continue to innovate for and grow with all its stakeholders for operational safety, efficiency and meet the urgent challenges for carbon emission towards the next 125 years, concludes İffet Türken.