Kässbohrer proudly launches new vehicles for city, general cargo, intermodal, construction, agriculture and liquid transportation

PRESS RELEASE 30/09/2022

During IAA Transportation 2022, Kässbohrer has proudly launched 9 new vehicles at the first physical meeting of the industry since the beginning of the pandemic.

Kässbohrer proudly presented 9 new vehicles, the finest examples of engineering excellence, to the widest product range in Europe. Finest examples of engineering the new launches present the widest range of innovations including vehicles increasing efficiency in intermodal operations, liquid transportation as well as heavy haulage transportation, taking its custromers’ operations to the next level.

The Launch Vehicles:

K. SHG AVH: The newest addition to Kässbohrer’s unrivaled intermodal range

Kässbohrer provides the complete intermodal range with Lightest 45 ft Swap Body K.SWAU CL, Trailer Innovation 2021 category “Body” second place winner First Ever 45 ft Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC, Biggest Volume Silo Container K.CON S 40, Certified Huckepack Curtainsider K.SCS X+, Dry Freight Intermodal Plywood Box K.SBT T and its Trailer Innovation 2019 Award winner “Chassis” category winner K.SHG AVMH.

The newest addition to the unrivaled intermodal range, front and rear extendable container chassis K.SHG AVH embodies the Trailer Awards ‘Chassis’ category winner octagonal chassis frame design. The innovative design eliminates all traditional strength problems that lead to permanent damage of semi-trailers that is not been solved for 30 years.

K.SHG AVH is engineered to safely carry containers from 20 ft. up to 45 ft, offering the best solution for multi-functional and flexible container transportation.

In addition, K.SHG.AVH’s KTL coated robust chassis design made of high quality and high strength S700 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726-2 and ISO 1726, provides the best load distribution performance even carrying 20 ft. containers on the rear side.

Alongside its patented novel octagonal central frame design, K.SHG AVH is also constructed mechanical extensions on the front and rear as well as the user-friendly pneumatic locking systems at the rear extension to provide operational ease, efficiency, and safety.

K.SBT CS: Newest addition to Kässbohrer City Logistics Range

For the City operations, Kässbohrer launched its robust Dry Freight City Plywood Box made of plywood upper structure with 2 axles, a length of only 11.025 mm, and a mechanical steering axle. With the steering axle, K.SBT CS enables less fuel consumption, less tyre wear and minimizes time consumption by enabling higher maneuverability even on narrow city roads.

K.STL P: All in one Food Transport with Kässbohrer Stainless Tanker

Transportation of food, dangerous goods or even manure, all these inquiries are addressed with a wide range of possibilities by Kässbohrer tank semi-trailers. Whether high requirements for hygiene in the food sector or the safe transportation of hazardous chemicals, the high quality of the services are essential in our idea of transportation solutions.

Kässbohrer tank semi-trailers with different volumes and specifications are optimized for different requirements and are made of stainless steel or aluminum. In addition, Kässbohrer offers you insulation or heating options that suit your needs.

Within Europe’s Safest and Lightest Tanker and Silo range Kässbohrer launched Pressurized Food Tanker K.STL P developed for efficiency in operations through its 32.000 lt tank capacity with 3 compartments for the transportation of different foods.

For food transport, Kässbohrer designed its Pressurized Food Tanker K.STL P tanker to the smallest detail for hygienic usage with its certification of the ATP in the IN-Class 1,4301 stainless steel tank. K.STL P offers efficient food transport operations through its discharge pump options, 2R quality inner surface, smoothed and polished welding seams, and CIP cleaning lines.

In addition to its launches, Kässbohrer also exhibited the favored Chemical Substance Tanker K.STC PR, which has been developed to provide the highest safety standards for the transport of liquid chemicals without compromising user-friendliness. With its 6.980 kg tare weight, K.STC PR is the lightest dangerous goods tanker trailer in the market with 37,5 m3 capacity. The inner surface finish and electropolished I-frame stainless steel chassis of K.STC PR are making cleaning operations as easy as possible and save you time.

K.SSK 66 and K.SSL 45: The 2 new additions to Lightest Silo Range by Kässbohrer

The first tipping Kässbohrer silo semi-trailer was developed in 1953. Today, Kässbohrer combines the innovative power and the quality its distinguished over generations with the advantages of an international company.

With its engineering excellence, Kässbohrer offers non-tipping silo semi-trailers that are available from 31 m³ to 40 m³, as well as unique design, lightest weight in its segment, fast discharge and high safety functions. Kässbohrer’s tipping silo semi-trailers, which offer maximum safety and efficiency, are available from 40m³ to 90m³ volume. The optional Digital Trailer Control (DTC) system increases safety during the unloading process and increases productivity.

Kässbohrer, with its competent R&D developed the lightest trailer in the market with its standard features K.SSK 66 for Nordic operations and the lightest non-tipping silo in the market Kässbohrer K.SSL 45 for the most efficient transportation and discharge of low-density materials.

Result of Kässbohrer’s engineering excellence, Kässbohrer developed its tipping silo K.SSK66, the lightest silo trailer in the market with 4 axels that is especially engineered for Nordic countries. With its 7.950 kg tare weight, 47 ton gross weight, 17 ton king-pin capacity, and 30 ton axle load capacity, K.SSK 66 provides maximum payload capacity while providing operational efficiency with 6 manholes and 4th axle as a steering axle.

The lightest non-tipping silo in the market, Kässbohrer K.SSL 45, is the perfect fit for the most efficient transportation and discharge of low-density materials. With its 4.950 kg tare weight, Kässbohrer’s non-tipping silo K.SSL 45 offers the maximum payload capacity and the best Total Cost of Ownership.

K.SPH M: The newest additions to the Complete Construction Range

Within Europe’s widest product range Kässbohrer offers the complete construction range including silo, tanker, tipper, platform and low-bed vehicles to its customers in more than 55 countries.

One of Kässbohrer’s newest launches, the double extendable, hydraulic steered low-bed platform with 4 axles, K.SPH M 4, which is engineered for the advantage of high maneuverability even on the narrowest curves in rural areas was presented to its visitors. With its extreme total length of 30 meters as well as the strong and flat chassis with a Mega coupling height, it provides flexible and safe transportation for heavy and ballast loads.  Providing a maximum payload with its assertive tare weight of 13.950kg, K.SPA M also provides a technical axle load of no less than 10 ton thanks to its air-suspension system.

Kässbohrer’s double extendable, hydraulic steered low-bed platform with 4 axles, K.SPH M 4, is engineered to enable its customers to take the advantage of high maneuverability even on the narrowest curves in rural areas.

With its extreme total length of 30 meters as well as the strong and flat chassis with a Mega coupling height, it provides flexible and safe transportation for heavy and ballast loads.

Despite its strong and robust chassis, it provides a maximum payload with its assertive tare weight of 13.950kg, among hydraulic steering low-bed platforms thanks to its air-suspension system that provides technical axle load of no less than 10 tons

K.SLA RJ: The lowest loading height for the Complete Construction range

Within the complete construction range Kässbohrer expertly engineered the extendable 3 axle low-bed semi-trailer, the new K.SLA RJ 3, setting new standards in heavy goods transportation by minimizing the platform height through its new chassis design. With the help of wheel recesses, K.SLA RJ 3’s loading height is lowered to 375 mm.

The new lightweight K.SLA RJ 3 with the tare weight of less than 10.000 kg, increases the payload capacity, and enables more energy-efficient and eco-friendly transport of heavy and abnormal goods.

For operational flexibility and safety, the new K.SLA RJ 3 is surrounded by excavator arm recess, pillars, pillar pockets, as well as new lashing rings with an increased capacity of up to 10 tons that are positioned on the gooseneck, platform, and side raves contributing to optimal load distribution.

K.SKA AG: Reliable Agri Material Transportation

Kässbohrer, with its engineering excellence, Kässbohrer continues to meet the needs of its customers in agriculture sector with its silo and tipper vehicles. For bulk goods transportation, Kässbohrer, with its competent R&D, developed its 55m3 aluminum tipper and exhibited the launch vehicle in its IAA Transportation Open Area stand M49.

Kässbohrer’s 55 m3 aluminum tipper K.SKA AG is developed to offer the highest user-friendly ergonomic standard in the agriculture business. Designed for a low center of gravity and optimal load distribution, K.SKA stands for safety, and reliability while also being lighter with its new aluminum chassis. With high wear and temperature-resistant aluminum modular profiles of the upper structure, it is possible to carry your toughest loads easily and save on repair and maintenance.

The front walking platform, tarpaulin, and rear door are specially designed to offer user-friendly and time saving operations. In addition to its suitable structure to carry a wide range of agricultural materials such as soy, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet, sediments, grains, and more, K.SKA AG is also suitable to carry bio-waste, pallet goods, bagged waste, and fertilizers. Additionally, K.SKA features lashing rings on the floor for the safe transportation of pallet loads ensuring operational flexibility.

K.SCS X+L: The Long Vehicle Curtainsider With First Application Of Dynamic Wheelbase

Stemming from Kässbohrer’s extensive experience in longer and heavier vehicle permitting countries, Kässbohrer developed K. SCS X+L, 14.980 mm vehicle which offered from its conception in 2018, the dynamic wheelbase application ensuring maneuverability in existing infrastructure. K.SCS X+L with dynamic wheelbase was a nominee in the category ‘Concept’ for Trailer Innovation awards 2021.

With 10% more loading capacity K. SCS X+L accommodates 37 euro pallets and decreases its customers’ operational costs while contributing to their CO2 emissions reductions.