Talson Secure Box Won The Trailer Innovation 2019 Awards

PRESS RELEASE 02/10/2018

One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson has taken the 3rd place at Trailer Innovation 2019 “Concept” category with its innovation, Talson Secure Box.

Talson’s Secure Box concept realized enhancement and special modifications on the self-supporting aluminum upper body structure and can be integrated with all makes of electronic door and lock systems to provide the most secure box type trailer according to TAPA regulations.

Secure Box is engineered to prevent valuable cargo theft. Innovative character of Secure Box character stems from the layered design of panels with reinforcements of the self-supporting body to ensure impenetrability to maximum while still delivering accordingly to industry standard tare weights and dimensions. The body is designed for placement of cage – tyre wiring compatible with all locks, alarm and tracking systems on the market.

The layered design allocates, riveted aluminum panels on the outside, omega profiles for structure, extra reinforcement of aluminum and galvanized steel at the connection of side panels and the chassis, aluminum Talfix multi-purpose panels for cargo placement options. All aluminum panels are sourced at optimum grade to prevent either breakage, perforation, piercing, drilling or penetration of other kinds.

The cage-type wiring carefully installed between outer aluminum shell and the final inner layer of TALFIX multi-purpose panels and is connected to any electronic alarm systems and door locks in the market, ensuring the alarm systems with immediate notifications are activated at outer layer penetration. Talson Secure Box’s innovative body design firstly makes it impossible for any intruder to reach the valuable cargo by attempts via grinders or cutting tools. The cage-type wiring is placed at several locations for the most timely activation of alarms, providing owners, fleet managers and the driver more time to react to circumstances. Last but not least, the Secure Box design along with cage-type wiring prevents any attempts to be finalized before ample warning to the responsible parties is given.

The award ceremony will be held on 21 September at the Convention Centre in Hanover as part of 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles.