Talson Trailer IAA 2022 Participation

PRESS RELEASE 01/09/2022

One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson is taking its place in the world’s largest commercial vehicle exhibition, IAA Transportation 2022 fair in Hanover, Germany between September 20 and 25, 2022.

As the only aluminum box manufacturer in Europe, Talson will present its premium, highest-quality, innovative, flexible, and sustainable vehicles in its Hall 27-E17 stand to its customers.

Also celebrating its 40th Year Anniversary in 2022, Talson keeps on bettering the best box ever conceived, delivering innovative, sustainable, reliable trailers assuring the high quality and functionality that is standard for loyal Talson customers.

With 40 years of experience, Talson mastered the needs of all box trailers segment with cutting-edge technology with its wide product range. Talson’s high-quality, state-of-the-art aluminum trailer boxes in 6 segments – respectively solutioner, air cargo, city, intermodal, specials, and GRP panel cooler trailers. Talson’s aluminum self-supporting box vehicles are designed with half chassis, modular upper structure, and Talfix double-deck & load security systems to provide solutions for the needs of its customers.

Contributing to Sustainability

Since the day it was founded, Talson has always been a proud pioneer with its high-quality, state-of-the-art trailers, and on its 40th anniversary, Talson not only focuses on the operational quality it provides to its customers but highlights its vehicles’ contribution to the environment. 

As the world aligns with regulations that aim to protect our future, Talson proudly contributes to achieving this target as the only box manufacturer in Europe to manufacture its vehicles primarily out of Aluminium.

Talson customers on average use their Talson Aluminum vehicles for 15 years, 25% more product life than conventional vehicles. While Talson Aluminum Box vehicles contribute to its customers’ strong Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), they also prevent material waste in association with fleet renewal needs. In addition, Talson vehicles offer modular aluminum side walls made of separate riveted panels that allow less costly and faster repair but also minimize material waste.

Talson’s multi-functional Talfix system with more than 10.000 holes on side panels, as well as a wide range of loading options enables its customers to use their trailer capacity more efficiently resulting in less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

The Safest Trailer Ever is nominated for Trailer Innovation 2023 in the category ‘Safety’

In addition, another problem for valuable goods transporters is cargo crime which causes disruptions and losses in the supply chain. Talson with its R&D capabilities and network of trusted suppliers develops solutions that aim to raise the standards for cargo security beyond those currently in practice.

Keeping on bettering the best box ever conceived with patented trailer body solutions and works, Talson, in harmony with associations like TAPA and regulators addresses the sector’s problems.

In 2019, Talson has taken 3rd place in Trailer Innovation 2019 “Concept” category with its innovation, Talson Secure Box, which was engineered to prevent valuable cargo theft with enhancements and special modifications on the self-supporting aluminum upper body structure. The innovative character of Secure Box character stemmed from the layered design of panels with reinforcements of the self-supporting body to ensure maximum impenetrability while still delivering accordingly to industry standard tare weights and dimensions. In addition, the Secure Box was designed to be integrated with all makes of electronic door and lock systems to provide maximum secure box type trailer according to TAPA regulations.

Since 2019, Talson furthered its safety innovations, furthering on TAPA requirements and developed its Safest Trailer Ever that guarantees unbreachable body construction, immediate and wholistic notification, protection from the theft of the entire trailer, and unauthorized trailer access.

For the Safest Trailer Ever, Talson has cooperated exclusively with Avertic Armour to create the unbreachable body construction. Made of aluminum sandwich panel design, Talson panels and roof are already the hardest to penetrate from the outside. Integration Avertic Armour’s patented paneling seamlessly to its sandwich panels, the Talson body is now 100% impenetrable even by automatic construction tools such as electric saws, mechanical saws, and any piercing tools.

Talson has also seamlessly integrated alarm wiring and sensors to the entire vehicle including the chassis, that trigger the loud alarm and notifies the predetermined people and institutions via mail and SMS at the first instant of attempted physical penetration.

Talson integrated its long-term trusted stakeholder SBS’s latest, state-of-the- art electronic lock system into The Safest Trailer Ever. The SBS electronic lock prevents not only unauthorized access to the trailer but also blocks the trailer to be accessed in any location other than the designated areas that the logistcis company has initally authorized.

By integrating the king-pin electronic safe connect solution; Talson prevents any truck other than the predefined authorized truck from coupling hence preventing the theft of the trailer.

The Safest Trailer Ever is also equipped with security cameras recording inside and outside of the trailer to be used by companies as well as law enforcement in case of any need.