Van Eck is the proud winner of the Trailer Innovation 2023 Awards

The leading innovative transport solutions provider Van Eck has proudly won 1st place of the Trailer Innovation Awards 2023 in the category ‘Component’ with its in-house developed Container Locker System for the safe and secure transportation of roll containers, most efficiently and sustainably transported with Van Eck’s signature Twindeck vehicles, the innovation award winner in 2005

Transport of goods in roll containers is an efficient method used in the Benelux region and DACH region for a variety of goods such as postal services, laundries, retail, and flower transportation. Roll containers are loaded in all types of box trailers as well as Van Eck signature Twindeck trailers that present %60 more loading capacity.

As Van Eck prioritizes not only manufacturing the highest quality long-lasting and least carbon footprint solutions for their customers’ unique transport challenges, it equally develops systems for safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods as well as safety of the cargo.

During operations, the ideal loading of roll containers would fill up the trailer entirely with load securing via security bars at the end of trailers. As operations may require partial flexible loading, built-in load securing mechanisms would fail short to provide security.

When partially loaded roll containers are not secured and move freely within the trailer knocking on each other and side panels, they damage goods loaded in the roll containers, damage the side walls without risk to road safety, they damage the roll containers themselves.

Van Eck Container Locker System is a light, long-lasting practical solution that accommodated all variations of partial loading of load containers and does not require training or extensive experience to operate.

The Container Locker System is made of light and durable aluminum, and has 800 mm in length and 100 mm x 100 mm (width x depth), and weighs 3 kg each. The Container Locker System consists of 2 units of telescopic rods, in combination with a square beam that secures the roll container blocks by less than 10. The maximum amount of roll containers for a box trailer is 44. Van Eck’s Container Locker System works even for 43 roll containers.