Trailer Innovation Award 2021 2nd Place, K-ADAS right direction towards autonomous driving

Kässbohrer has taken the second place in Trailer Innovatıon Awards 2021, the category ‘Smart Trailer’ with K-ADAS, Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. 

Kässbohrer’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (K-ADAS) has taken the second place in the “Smart Trailer” category. K-ADAS makes difference with its 4 features composed of 7 technologies of which more than 50% is new to the trailer industry and are compatible with existing truck ADAS systems, contributing to the development of the smart trailer that will be necessary when fully autonomous driving becomes standard

Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’s  2 out of total 4 features and the 5 out of total 7 technology behind them have never been used on trailers.  K-ADAS’s 2 features that are readily used in the trailers are augmentation of the existing technology. While K-ADAS’s 3 features are used in trucks hence making it compatible with all makes of trucks and their systems, 1 feature that is new can easily be integrated into existing systems. Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems has the following 4 features: Park Assist with reverse parking technology ( not used in trailers,  featuring not used in trucks technology and augmentation on existing park assists), Blind spot detection and brake with night support ( augmentation on both trailer and truck systems with night vision a novelty for trailers), Overtaking Assistance ( novel to trailers and could be categorized novelty for trucks) and 360 degree view ( augmentation on both trailer and truck systems). The hardware employed in K-ADAS is optimally placed cameras, various sensors including radars while the software for precise measurement and novel driver assist and instruction systems via user friendly in- cabin screen is developed by Kässbohrer. Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with its design and software are patented in their entirety apart from 360 and blind spot detection, their augmentation not constituting a patent earning difference.