Kässbohrer Integration Protection Device wins 2nd place in Trailer Innovation 2023

Kässbohrer has proudly received the most prestigious Trailer Innovation Award 5 times in the past 3 consecutive terms. Continuing its tradition, in Trailer Innovation 2023 Awards, Kässbohrer won 2nd place in the category ‘Safety’ with its Integration Protection Device.

Kässbohrer analyzing TAPA’s risk of theft in international freight transportation, irregular migration, and human trafficking data and conducting field intelligence based on interviews with companies of various sizes, associations, and general stakeholders has developed an in-house safety notification system ‘Integrity Protection Device’, for the inner area specified detection and immediate notification of unauthorized entries to the trailer by any means, a low-cost practical device with 2 years battery life that can be installed on any trailer in aftersales workshops within the hour.

Kässbohrer’s patented Integrity Protection Device detects any unauthorized entry from the side, roof, floor, or door as soon as the interior space integrity is breached.  Integrity Protection Device notifies the location of the exact breach point and inner area to as many designated groups as necessary via SMS,  emails, and its optional web portal while at the same time sounding audio and visual alarms.

Kässbohrer conducted extensive R&D tests and confirmed with international transport companies’ road tests to confirm the functionality of the Integrity Protection Device in any environmental conditions such as dust resistance, water seal, electrical noise or vibration, and extreme temperature conditions from  +70 degrees to -20 degrees.

‘Integrity Protection Device’ contrasts the already in market expensive, hard to maintain, complicated, and new trailer installation requiring alternatives that are often economically not feasible for transport companies to use and solves the problem of theft and unauthorized passengers, as well as conventional solution systems’ problems.

In the ‘Safety’ category, Kässbohrer previously won the Trailer Innovation 2017 Awards with Safety Bitumen Tanker and was nominated with K.SSK Safety Tipping Silo with Smart Control

Talson excels at Safety Features

Keeping on bettering the best box ever conceived with patented trailer body solutions and works, Talson, in harmony with associations like TAPA and regulators addresses the sector’s problems.

In 2019, Talson has taken 3rd place in Trailer Innovation 2019 “Concept” category with its innovation, Talson Secure Box, which was engineered to prevent valuable cargo theft with enhancements and special modifications on the self-supporting aluminum upper body structure.

Since 2019, Talson furthered its safety innovations, furthering on TAPA requirements and developed its Safest Trailer Ever that guarantees unbreachable body construction, immediate and wholistic notification, protection from the theft of the entire trailer, and unauthorized trailer access.

For the Safest Trailer Ever, Talson has cooperated exclusively with Avertic Armour to create the unbreachable body construction. Made of aluminum sandwich panel design, Talson panels and roof are already the hardest to penetrate from the outside. Integration Avertic Armour’s patented paneling seamlessly to its sandwich panels, the Talson body is now 100% impenetrable even by automatic construction tools such as electric saws, mechanical saws, and any piercing tools.

Talson has also seamlessly integrated alarm wiring and sensors to the entire vehicle including the chassis, that trigger the loud alarm and notifies the predetermined people and institutions via mail and SMS at the first instant of attempted physical penetration.

Talson integrated its long-term trusted stakeholder SBS’s latest, state-of-the- art electronic lock system into The Safest Trailer Ever. The SBS electronic lock prevents not only unauthorized access to the trailer but also blocks the trailer to be accessed in any location other than the designated areas that the logistcis company has initally authorized.

By integrating the king-pin electronic safe connect solution; Talson prevents any truck other than the predefined authorized truck from coupling hence preventing the theft of the trailer.

The Safest Trailer Ever is also equipped with security cameras recording inside and outside of the trailer to be used by companies as well as law enforcement in case of any need.

Trailer Innovation Award 2021 2nd Place, K-ADAS right direction towards autonomous driving

Kässbohrer has taken the second place in Trailer Innovatıon Awards 2021, the category ‘Smart Trailer’ with K-ADAS, Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. 

Kässbohrer’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (K-ADAS) has taken the second place in the “Smart Trailer” category. K-ADAS makes difference with its 4 features composed of 7 technologies of which more than 50% is new to the trailer industry and are compatible with existing truck ADAS systems, contributing to the development of the smart trailer that will be necessary when fully autonomous driving becomes standard

Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’s  2 out of total 4 features and the 5 out of total 7 technology behind them have never been used on trailers.  K-ADAS’s 2 features that are readily used in the trailers are augmentation of the existing technology. While K-ADAS’s 3 features are used in trucks hence making it compatible with all makes of trucks and their systems, 1 feature that is new can easily be integrated into existing systems. Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems has the following 4 features: Park Assist with reverse parking technology ( not used in trailers,  featuring not used in trucks technology and augmentation on existing park assists), Blind spot detection and brake with night support ( augmentation on both trailer and truck systems with night vision a novelty for trailers), Overtaking Assistance ( novel to trailers and could be categorized novelty for trucks) and 360 degree view ( augmentation on both trailer and truck systems). The hardware employed in K-ADAS is optimally placed cameras, various sensors including radars while the software for precise measurement and novel driver assist and instruction systems via user friendly in- cabin screen is developed by Kässbohrer. Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with its design and software are patented in their entirety apart from 360 and blind spot detection, their augmentation not constituting a patent earning difference.