Kässbohrer Integration Protection Device wins 2nd place in Trailer Innovation 2023

Kässbohrer has proudly received the most prestigious Trailer Innovation Award 5 times in the past 3 consecutive terms. Continuing its tradition, in Trailer Innovation 2023 Awards, Kässbohrer won 2nd place in the category ‘Safety’ with its Integration Protection Device.

Kässbohrer analyzing TAPA’s risk of theft in international freight transportation, irregular migration, and human trafficking data and conducting field intelligence based on interviews with companies of various sizes, associations, and general stakeholders has developed an in-house safety notification system ‘Integrity Protection Device’, for the inner area specified detection and immediate notification of unauthorized entries to the trailer by any means, a low-cost practical device with 2 years battery life that can be installed on any trailer in aftersales workshops within the hour.

Kässbohrer’s patented Integrity Protection Device detects any unauthorized entry from the side, roof, floor, or door as soon as the interior space integrity is breached.  Integrity Protection Device notifies the location of the exact breach point and inner area to as many designated groups as necessary via SMS,  emails, and its optional web portal while at the same time sounding audio and visual alarms.

Kässbohrer conducted extensive R&D tests and confirmed with international transport companies’ road tests to confirm the functionality of the Integrity Protection Device in any environmental conditions such as dust resistance, water seal, electrical noise or vibration, and extreme temperature conditions from  +70 degrees to -20 degrees.

‘Integrity Protection Device’ contrasts the already in market expensive, hard to maintain, complicated, and new trailer installation requiring alternatives that are often economically not feasible for transport companies to use and solves the problem of theft and unauthorized passengers, as well as conventional solution systems’ problems.

In the ‘Safety’ category, Kässbohrer previously won the Trailer Innovation 2017 Awards with Safety Bitumen Tanker and was nominated with K.SSK Safety Tipping Silo with Smart Control

Kässbohrer 14.98m Curtainsider with Dynamic wheel base nominated Trailer Innovation Awards 2021

Kässbohrer  is nominated in Trailer Innovation 2021 in the category “Concept”.  Nominee innovation,  Kässbohrer Curtainsider K.SCX L with Dynamic Wheelbase for 14.980 mm length is making difference with its optimal wheelbase chassis design for uniform and safe load distribution leading to road safety and its innovative system integration with control systems for ability to turn on EU standard road curves and is the first of its kind solution.

Kässbohrer’s  K.SCX L with dynamic wheelbase for 14.980 mm length is nomited because of its optimal wheelbase chassis design for uniform and safe load distribution leading to road safety and its innovative system integration with control systems for ability to turn safely on EU standard road curves. The ability to turn safely EU standard road curves with 12.50 m outside 5.30 m inside dimensions with the newly legislated 14.98 m vehicles is a first of its kind solution.

Since 1990[1], the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report EU has been committing to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG). Reduction of GHG targets and action plans have evolved with the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and 2015 Paris Climate Agreement resulting in The European Green deal and the subsequent proposal of changes to the existing EU Climate Law to enshrine the target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 into law on March 4th, 2020. The law states revised carbon emissions targets for 2030 of 50-55% cut on GHG and a road map to 2050 net carbon emissions target.[2] GHG emissions from road transport of heavy duty vehicles account for 6% annual carbon emissions of the EU.[3] As a responsible industry, all stakeholders have been developing environmentally friendly solutions for years, including longer trailers or trailer combinations with higher load capacity to minimize carbon emission per ton of load transported.

With the use of longer vehicles up to 31,50 m, efficiency gains, and fuel savings of 25%[4] can be achieved making longer trailer combinations a key solution item as the industry is endeavoring to meet the carbon emissions targets. However, this immediate solution has challenges in terms of trailer technology and limitations in terms of the existing national and international road infrastructure due to the infrastructure’s inability to accommodate longer road vehicles[5]. Within this perspective 14.98 m vehicles have been authorized in Germany by the Federal Ministry of traffic and digital infrastructure on 19th September 2019 with a list of permissible motorways, federal roads, and district roads that these vehicles can use detailed to the street by the district[6]

European Commission and civil bodies are detailing road safety as key issues to be addressed with the society’s transition to longer heavy haulage vehicles.[7]

Kässbohrer 14.98 m curtainsider with dynamic wheelbase design addresses fully both road safety and the limitations of current infrastructure

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Digital Trailer Control to increase safety for curtainsider operators

The project was born with Kässbohrer engineers deciding to increase the safety of drivers and operators during the usage of mechanical controls of a curtainsider. As an innovation project, the main challenge was to revolutionize the very traditional manual control into a centralized digital control.

After the Kässbohrer R&D team first initiated the concept development phase to define project objectives, OTAM has developed the software needed for the electronic control system. The software then used by Kässbohrer in the application of the DTC unit into the curtainsider semi-trailer. The test phase was carried out by two parties.

DTC’s user-friendly interface accelerates the operations without compromising operator’s safety.  DTC has alternative user interfaces. “Touchscreen”, can be customized according to each customer demand according to standard equipment in his/her fleet, while comparable to smart key applications in the automotive industry, “Wireless Smart Key,” is also acts as an immobilizer, in addition to system controls.

The main value of DTC is minimizing occupational injury risks which generate a substantial cost in terms of healthcare, productivity and administrative costs. Furthermore, deteriorated quality of life of the injured and his/her family is the most important cost which requires the immediate attention. As European Agency for Safety and Health at Work suggests outdoor workplaces have to be arranged to avoid injury risks, DTC can be implemented as an accident prevention tool and assist the user for a safe ride.

Regarding operational and driving safety;

  • DTC eliminates the risk of unauthorized use of parking brake mechanism. According to pre-sets, parking brakes can only be activated on remote control unit by entering a password.
  • The electromechanical landing gear can be controlled from DTC from a safe distance. DTC will either set the parking brake automatically as soon as the landing gears are fully extracted, or warn the user until the landing gears has been fully extracted.
  • DTC will automatically check loads on the king pin and the axles and load distributions. If there is an overloading or a wrong distribution of loads between king pin and axles, DTC will prevent trailer to move or warn driver according to pre-sets.
  • DTC can set the bumper (Rear Underrun Protection) position – folded or unfolded. If user forgets to set the bumper, e.g. for driving purposes; DTC will set automatically the bumper for driving position, or warn the user for the risky situation.
  • DTC will warn the user for improper condition of customs security cable (TIR), which might need to be reworked (cut and weld).
  • DTC have additional blank ports which can used to control/monitor other digital functions of trailer e.g. according to status of door sensor (if exist), DTC can warn driver if the door is open.