Kässbohrer wins 2021 Innovation Award with RUPD-5K1

Announced online on October 1st, Kässbohrer proudly is the winner in the category “Component” with its Multifunctional rear underrun protection device RUPD-5K1.

Kässbohrer’s multifunctional rear underrun protection device RUPD-5K1’s presents  secure, foldable design. RUPD-5K1 can be adjusted at different up and down positions while fulfilling its protection task for semi-trailer as a rear bumper in accordance with the ECE.R58.003 Regulation for the Type Approval and providing solutions to operational efficiency preventing docking, ferry, intermodal, discharge and tyre change problems.

While eliminating the operational inefficiency problems, Kässbohrer’s new multifunctional rear under run protection device (RUPD-5K1) also fulfills the need for installation of extra equipment such as landing gear saving from trailer extra weight as well as extra equipment costs.

Patent-pending, new ECE.R58.003 compliant RUPD-5K1 has the following technical spects: The preferred constructs of the product – developed for preventing the elastic and possibly plastic deformations of the chassis by enabling the rear protection equipment (bumper) to extend and fold – are explained only to help the comprehensibility of the subject and in a way not to create a restrictive effect.

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