Kässbohrer continues development of higher capacity vehicles, SEC Tested

As the transport sector welcomes the new European climate law, committed to at least 55% carbon emission reduction by 2030, an ambitious transition awaits our industry pending further legislation. In this time of transforming the transport business, Kässbohrer is equally competent in all technologies and vehicle developments to work with its customers for their unique need for transition.

Kässbohrer continues to advance higher-capacity vehicles. Kässbohrer engineered the high-capacity SEC (Super Eco Combi) with its long-time stakeholder Ewals as a commonly accepted, safe, sustainable, and efficient vehicle that helps the sector to meet its CO2 emission goals.

Since the beginning of the year, the SEC vehicle developed with Ewals has undergone many tests, including a test drive by Mark Harbers, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. Another test day for the 32-meter-long SEC was held on the 29th of November in AMPT Maasvlakte, with a large number of officials from RDW, Rotterdam Port Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, TLN, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and Rijkswaterstaat.

Kässbohrer’s 32m combination developed with Ewals presents Kässbohrer Mega Curtainsider K.SCS M with dynamic wheelbase and huckapack features.

During development, the turning radius in maneuvers needed to be developed. Thanks to Kässbohrer’s engineering excellence and experience in 32 m container chassis combinations that are specially developed for longer heavier vehicle permitting countries as well as the first dynamic wheelbase applied14.980 mm Trailer Innovation 2021 nominee vehicle K. SCS X+, Kässbohrer expertly applied the dynamic wheelbase to its Mega Curtainsiders forming the SEC and achieved the working turning radius.

Kässbohrer 32 m SEC presents the highest efficiency in terms of sustainability by higher capacity in terms of two vehicles, Mega upper structure For higher vehicle capacity as well as intermodality compatibility.

For intermodal transportation, the two huckepack Curtainsiders used on the SEC can be separately or as a combination with the dolly can be safely loaded to trains thanks to their S460 MC steel robust chassis, as well as its train loading brackets that are suitable for P400 classified e-f-g-i wagon types.

Additionally, with its 90 mm gooseneck height Kässbohrer K.SCS M Mega Curtainsiders offer 2.950 mm inner height. This way Kässbohrer K.SCS M Mega Curtainsiders enable the transportation of goods with higher volume, while also providing up to 40% fewer carbon emissions.

Kässbohrer wins 2021 Innovation Award with RUPD-5K1

Announced online on October 1st, Kässbohrer proudly is the winner in the category “Component” with its Multifunctional rear underrun protection device RUPD-5K1.

Kässbohrer’s multifunctional rear underrun protection device RUPD-5K1’s presents  secure, foldable design. RUPD-5K1 can be adjusted at different up and down positions while fulfilling its protection task for semi-trailer as a rear bumper in accordance with the ECE.R58.003 Regulation for the Type Approval and providing solutions to operational efficiency preventing docking, ferry, intermodal, discharge and tyre change problems.

While eliminating the operational inefficiency problems, Kässbohrer’s new multifunctional rear under run protection device (RUPD-5K1) also fulfills the need for installation of extra equipment such as landing gear saving from trailer extra weight as well as extra equipment costs.

Patent-pending, new ECE.R58.003 compliant RUPD-5K1 has the following technical spects: The preferred constructs of the product – developed for preventing the elastic and possibly plastic deformations of the chassis by enabling the rear protection equipment (bumper) to extend and fold – are explained only to help the comprehensibility of the subject and in a way not to create a restrictive effect.

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The first and only 45 ft. Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC wins 2dn place Trailer Innovation Awards 2021

Announced online on October 1st, Kässbohrer has proudly taken the second place in the category “Body” with first and only 45 ft. Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC.

K.SWAU CC presents an integrated coil well and is developed for intermodal coil transport all made possible by its innovative chassis design with total capacity of 30 tons. The tests performed during the development have proven safer swap designs and resulting design changes are now the technical requirements for UIC 592/IRS 50592 and IRS 50596-5 certification mandatory for all swap bodies.

Kaessbohrer 45ft swap body with integrated coil well  K.SWAU.CC / 45  is the first ever and only 45ft coil swap vehicle and only certified 45 ft swap body for intermodal coil transport. K.SWAU.CC/45’s  especially designed patented chassis guarantees structural integrity and is safe for transport of from 900mm to 2000mm diameter coils with total capacity of 30 tons.

Up until K.SWAU.CC/45, coil transport via swap bodies was realized by general cargo swaps leading to accidents due to structural failure. K.SWAU.CC/45’s main development purpose was to overcome these safety issues.  During its development to the highest safety standards, K.SWAU.CC/45 not only became the one and only coil certified swap body with UIC 592/IRS 50592 by International Railway solution ( IRS); the design changes as the result of the safety test performed are now part of the technical requirements for UIC 592/IRS 50592 and IRS 50596-5 certification and binds any new swap body to be produced.

K.SWAU.CC / 45 is 4500 kg, its specially designed coil wells, presents the maximum coil weight capacity of 30 tons in the market and can accommodate all general cargo needs via floor transformation by coil lids  with  7.2 tons forklift  axle  capacity floor and Code XL certifications.

K.SWAU.CC / 45 is the first and only 45ft swap body certified for coil transportation and has changed the technical requirements to make intermodal transport safer for all.

Talson Safety Box won the Trailer Innovation 2019 Awards

One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson has taken the 3rd place at Trailer Innovation 2019 “Concept” category with its innovation, Talson Secure Box.

Talson Secure Box is developed according to Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) regulations and supports the safe transport of valuable cargo. Talson Secure Box with special modifications on the self-supporting aluminum upper body structure integrated a cage type wire systems suitable with all makes of electronic door and lock systems as well as tracking systems.

Talson Secure Box features layered side panels reinforced with sheet metals, secure rear door, reinforced roof and cage-type wiring installation. Applicable as a feature to all Talson Box product range, Secure Box fulfills the obligations of trailer makers under TAPA regulations.

Secure Box is engineered to prevent valuable cargo theft. The innovative character of Secure Box character stems from the layered design of panels with reinforcements of the self-supporting body to ensure impenetrability to the maximum while still delivering accordingly to industry standard tare weights and dimensions. The body is designed for placement of cage-type wiring compatible with all locks, alarm and tracking systems on the market.

All aluminum panels are sourced at optimum grade to prevent either breakage, perforation, piercing, drilling or penetration of other kinds.

Consequently, Talson’s Secure Box has been awarded by Trailer Innovation 2019 in “Concept” Category by the reputable jury members.

Novel Octagonal Central Frame Design Awarded with Trailer Innovation 2019

The need for multifunctional container chassis that can transport all ranges of containers from 20 to 45 feet emerged 30 years ago. Whereas through multifunctional container chassis operational flexibility was targeted, today 100% of multifunctional container chassis are rectangular.

The problem with a rectangular central frame design is due to 90 degree angles of the rectangle is subject to torsional stress and bending moments. The results of this stress are damage to all welded parts including axle support beams, and suspensions. Furthermore, rectangular form creates a variety of torsional issues while performing telescopic functions leading to breakdowns most common in the industry including permanent damage of the vehicle.

Consequently, Kässbohrer’s octagonal central frame design stands out in the industry and has been awarded with Trailer Innovation 2019 in Chassis Category.

Kässbohrer octagonal central frame with 120 to 150 degree angles, enables reduction of all ancillary tension related to all welded components making the entire chassis as tension free as it gets, preventing permanent damage arising from regular operations that are carried out with the industry standard rectangular central frame design. Last but not least, the front, middle and rear extensions are carefully designed with locking mechanisms that provide the most user-friendly operation, even for the average driver.

Kässbohrer K.SHG AVMH provides solutions to the known problems in the multifunctional container chassis operations in 5 categories.