Kässbohrer continues development of higher capacity vehicles, SEC Tested

As the transport sector welcomes the new European climate law, committed to at least 55% carbon emission reduction by 2030, an ambitious transition awaits our industry pending further legislation. In this time of transforming the transport business, Kässbohrer is equally competent in all technologies and vehicle developments to work with its customers for their unique need for transition.

Kässbohrer continues to advance higher-capacity vehicles. Kässbohrer engineered the high-capacity SEC (Super Eco Combi) with its long-time stakeholder Ewals as a commonly accepted, safe, sustainable, and efficient vehicle that helps the sector to meet its CO2 emission goals.

Since the beginning of the year, the SEC vehicle developed with Ewals has undergone many tests, including a test drive by Mark Harbers, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. Another test day for the 32-meter-long SEC was held on the 29th of November in AMPT Maasvlakte, with a large number of officials from RDW, Rotterdam Port Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, TLN, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and Rijkswaterstaat.

Kässbohrer’s 32m combination developed with Ewals presents Kässbohrer Mega Curtainsider K.SCS M with dynamic wheelbase and huckapack features.

During development, the turning radius in maneuvers needed to be developed. Thanks to Kässbohrer’s engineering excellence and experience in 32 m container chassis combinations that are specially developed for longer heavier vehicle permitting countries as well as the first dynamic wheelbase applied14.980 mm Trailer Innovation 2021 nominee vehicle K. SCS X+, Kässbohrer expertly applied the dynamic wheelbase to its Mega Curtainsiders forming the SEC and achieved the working turning radius.

Kässbohrer 32 m SEC presents the highest efficiency in terms of sustainability by higher capacity in terms of two vehicles, Mega upper structure For higher vehicle capacity as well as intermodality compatibility.

For intermodal transportation, the two huckepack Curtainsiders used on the SEC can be separately or as a combination with the dolly can be safely loaded to trains thanks to their S460 MC steel robust chassis, as well as its train loading brackets that are suitable for P400 classified e-f-g-i wagon types.

Additionally, with its 90 mm gooseneck height Kässbohrer K.SCS M Mega Curtainsiders offer 2.950 mm inner height. This way Kässbohrer K.SCS M Mega Curtainsiders enable the transportation of goods with higher volume, while also providing up to 40% fewer carbon emissions.

Dangerous Goods Transportation with Safety Systems

Product: STC 32 / 1 – 10 / 24
Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmbH is one of the leading manufacturer of  ADR (The European Agreement for Carriage of Dangerous Goods) certificated tanks and silos with an outstanding product range in the sector.
In this particular case, our Kässbohrer customer requested a chemical tanker, suitable for the transportation of L4BH class liquids and for intermodal transportation in Ro-Ro ships.

Furthermore, to minimize the operational risk, it was requested that the tanker should be equipped with the following electronic systems: Automatic brake wear indicator system (PAD System), tire pressure monitoring system (IVTM System), telematics system and automatic parking censor.

The engineering challenge was to incorporate all the required electronic system into the tanker upper structure and chassis in compliance with ADR regulation. All the necessary cabling layered inside a box, along the tank upper structure to avoid exposure to any chemical material during the loading and unloading operation. Furthermore the existing electric circuit re-configured to supply power simultaneously to the 4 electronic systems.

To enable the driver control the systems effectively, Kässbohrer involved its business partners, Wabco and BPW  in the design process. By providing the sensors for PAD System from BPW and necessary cabling through Wabco,  the control board for both systems have been integrated into the Wabco’s Smartboard – for the first time in the industry.