Trailer Innovation 2021 3rd Place Van Eck Smart rollerbed with NMLU

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck has taken the 3rd place at Trailer Innovation 2021 Award category “Environment” with the innovation Smart Rollerbed Vehicles with NMLU (New Modular Loading Unit).

Van Eck is the only trailer manufacturer to design and produce its own rollerbeds. Since 1983 Van Eck has been expertly producing rollerbed box and curtainsider vehicles, that are of the highest quality, impeccably designed and manufactured to function with precision, presenting unparalleled operational efficiencies in air cargo business and in special general cargo applications. Van Eck also has the expertise to transform any trailer into a rollerbed vehicle with rollerbed platfom vehicles custom-built for special uses.

Taking its inspiration from air cargo like loading and unloading efficiencies as well as packing standardization and warehouse management ease of use, Van Eck expert team had been working in European commission backed Horizon 2020 project developing smart loading units namely NMLU – new modular loading unit to streamline all general cargo packing loading, unloading and documentation process like the air cargo business.

Smart rollerbed vehicles with NMLU are a new concept and have the vision to transform the logistics system with fast automated loading and securing of cargo. Next to those operations, smart rollerbed vehicles with NMLU also provide betterment directly in warehousing operations and at large in railway, ferry and aircargo operations. The practicality and safety side of this concept addresses health and safety issues during loading operations, including COVID risk.

For NMLU’s to present the efficiencies, calculated to be %20 loading capacity increase, and overall system efficiency of 50%, the trailers that will work with NMLU’s need to have rollerbed systems. The quality of rollerbeds, as well as the trailers, the precision fitting and durability under all conditions of use guarantee the success of the overall NMLU enabled system. All these qualities are presented in Van Eck box, curtainsider, and recently developed rollerbed 45ft containers focusing on the efficiencies that can be quickly generated in intermodal transport. As intermodal transport is the most similar to air cargo logistics systems among other general cargo logistics and warehousing, it is envisioned intermodal logistics with central hubs of train stations and ferry docks would be the starting point to implement the NMLU system transformation. Recently developed Van Eck rollerbed 45ft container is the first step in general implementation and initial commercialization of the project.

Smart rollerbed vehicles with NMLU’s load capacity efficiencies not only contribute to lowering the CO2 emission but also reduces waste to further contribute to sustainability by eliminating the need for plastic and box packaging.

As the expert manufacturer in producing precision and high-quality trailers fitted with its in-house design and manufacture rollerbed, Van Eck has taken the first steps to transform the general cargo operations ecosystem by providing the most efficient high quality and durable rollerbed vehicles that can seamlessly work with NMLU’s to the market. Van Eck is proud to continue to support this eco-friendly system beyond initial innovation to full commercialization.